The Woman with a house on her back

Voice and care is a large part of this work.

Giving space to the unheard, forgotten, lost people and communities.

Community is fundamental to all of us as well as the rituals and care that they operate in. It supports memory and connection.

Here I talk about Ellie, my great Aunt. Ellie, like many unmarried women of her time and status would have taken up domestic work at home or elsewhere. Working class women with no assets became lost and largely unheard in her time.

My proposal is to elevate those women and to raise their voices and their stories. I am passionate believer in elevating local people, communities and care. The story of domestic service for women in Ireland from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.

The story of Ellie Creamer from Gowlagh and Bawnboy, Templeport. #templeport #countycavan #ireland #irisharts #Leitrim #stmogues #stmogueisland #irishwomen #irishhistory