Case Studies

Who’s Asking?

A Case Study for Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership and Davis & Jones. 

by Chris Fremantle 

During 2013, Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership commissioned a series of socially engaged arts projects focusing on engaging young people who were in challenging circumstances. Over the winter nights of 2013–14, Davis & Jones took hot chocolate and cakes out onto the streets of Trowbridge and had conversations with young people asking them about their lives and their places. Making notes from these conversations onto the clothes they were wearing, meeting regularly with the Trowbridge Youth Advisory Group, they reflected on these conversations.

Together with the young people, an idea was developed for the “Random Story Generator”, which would mix and match all of the quotes from the clothes into over 30,0000 different stories about being here and about being young in Trowbridge. The Random Story Generator was launched  shown in public spaces around Wiltshire.

With contributions from Peter Tyas, Davis & Jones, Carrie Creamer and the youth service in Wiltshire- Chris Fremantle explores some of the thinking behind Who’s Asking?

  • MusicMatters Wiltshire 

By Anita Holford

MusicMatters was a music project for children and young people in Wiltshire, offering participants the chance to experience everything to do with writing, playing and recording music.  The project was well placed within Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership who were part of the Early Help Service for Wiltshire Council. Anita Holford explores some of thinking and working of the process of engagement.

Download the case studies below:

MusicMatters case study 1: Re-engaging vulnerable young people – in case study one, we explore the challenges of engaging young people back into learning through music and the ways forward for Early Intervention.

MusicMatters- case study 2- practice sharing– developing music in an “education other than at school” setting. This case study has been written to share practice and prompt reflection, discussion and development of musical inclusion work. It has been written for music practitioners working with children in challenging circumstances, as well as funders and project leads/managers, as part of the legacy of Swindon Wiltshire and Gloucestershire’s Musical Inclusion programme.

  • Youth Arts Charter

Youth Arts Charter for Wiltshire. The aspiration is that this Charter for Arts and Culture will inspire everyone involved in the delivery of ‘arts and culture’ with children and young people in Wiltshire, to consistently deliver, high quality opportunities which lead to high quality outcomes related to creativity, art work, culture, learning, personal, social and skill development. This Charter has been created in association with leading arts organisations, artists, community youth officers and young people.

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