A case for the arts

I recently found myself reading MORE articles about the value of the arts in education and wellbeing. The Education Endowment Foundation (EFF) and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) have recently announced five trials to test the impact of different “cultural learning strategies” as part of the ‘Learning about culture’ programme, which is will be rolled out to 9,000 pupils across 400 primary schools from September next year.

Really? Do we really need more evidence to prove the value of the arts? Its more than a little exasperating to see yet more studies and trials to demonstrate the value of the arts in education, health and wellbeing. If we are to repeat this process, surely much longer term studies are required. And what of the results? How are we to fund more of this if the studies prove successful? More lobbying?

What I find concerning is that yet again, the arts are not considered as valuable as “core” subjects and are subject to endless scrutiny and challenge. Time to give the arts centre stage, a level playing field alongside core subjects. We don’t see the same level of scrutiny for other subjects and its frustrating. We need more focus to grow engagement, more investment and more value.