Guest Blog: A fond farewell from Carrie Creamer

The Arts in Wiltshire

It has been a sad few months in the WYAP office (technically we don’t have an office…) but the long-awaited change to WYAP has finally arrived. I knew of its arrival and departure long ago but the change is still bittersweet for me and many around me.

Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership has been in my care on and off since roughly 2009. Long before that it was the brainchild of a group of like-minded people with the ideas and enthusiasm to make a realization come to life. Supported by the Arts Council, local authority Arts services, various enterprising artists, facilitators and the Youth service, WYAP was born. Its focus was and still is to bring socially engaged arts practice to young people, working with and for its community.

It was a good fit and for a long time the structure served the arena well. Developing partnerships and projects in unusual…

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